“I have just finished the book and I loved it! It’s honest and real. Every school Principal and teacher should read this book and understand that every child needs a champion and every champion understands the beauty of individuality, uniqueness and being different.

This book needs to be read by every teenager so that they understand that it’s cool when you are yourself and not cool when you try to be someone else. ”


John Luis

 I ABSOLUTELY LOVED it. I’ve laughed and cried. You are an absolute inspiration and I have realised that I need to get my child involved in a sport.


Great read, touching and thought provoking.

Stephanie Machin

Books are meant to entertain, inspire and take you to a ‘place’ you have not been before. This read is no exception. I am a slow reader, not for any other reason than that I like to take it all in, roll the words over in my mind, and really see the world through someone else’s eyes. Even though Fush is the kind of book that can be read in one sitting, it was like a ‘good red wine’ that needed to be swirled around in a glass and savoured. I read and re-read some chapters, laughed and 'ugly' cried, and then moved on to the next chapter, and laughed some more. I have worked with this man, travelled with him, laughed and cried with him. And yet, his story gave me a deeper understanding not only of him, but of the way the world works. His story is one that needs to be read by all young people: his pride and acceptance of who he is as a person, and his sheer grit and vision that keeps him moving forward no matter what, is the true inspiration in the story. However, as a passionate

educator, it is the last line of the book that I am most excited by…

Catherine Van Der Nest

"The book is brilliant! genuinely blown away! 


The story just works. I just want more on each chapter, more on each story and more on each character.

I think there is a second book!”

James White

“I laughed my head off at the thought of you in drag , I cried reading about your younger years, your inner battles & your stages of grief, it brings back so many memories..... good & bad, I just relate to the story so well! 


I wish I had know that 17 year old Shaun”

Teresa Patuel

 "Seldom are authors able to follow through on claims of true relatability. Beyond minor instances of shared experience, many autobiographical scenarios tend to be inherently banal upon reflection. 


Fush, on the other hand, places the reader at the center of a host of deeply emotive experiences. Some, "heavier than a rhino in a tungsten romper", others replete with razor-sharp wit and lighthearted reminiscence. I look forward to many books to come".

Alexey Rodokanakis

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading FUSH and although I know much of the story, it filled in many of the missing pieces. It was an easy book to read and well written.


A deeply personal story with a lot of pain and conflict in your younger years. I think that it could also help a lot of young people as they come to terms with who they are.”

Malcolm Pike

Shaun’s easy to read, fun and insightful book, is filled with many lessons in each chapter. It’s a story that encourages a world of greater diversity, more inclusive environments, and where everyone has space to be themselves, no matter what their cultural, ethnic, religious or sexual backgrounds are. It encourages us to look within, to find our self-belief, and to have the faith that it doesn't matter what the situation you find yourself in, you can always overcome the obstacles.

Ridiculously Human Podcast

“Wow! What a roller-coaster read. Three x three hour sessions.


It helped, I guess, that the times and settings, and many of the people are so familiar to me. And you can write! Chapter 14 is as moving as anything I have ever read.”

Theo Garrun

"What an amazing story - I could not put it down. To read about your life’s journey is quite phenomenal, and so well written- I felt I was with you every step (especially those new shoes walking around London).


You really were such a special part of my boys’ lives and your legacy definitely still lives on in our family. Now you will have “author” to add to your very varied career." 

Anne Renaud

"It has been a very long time since I have read a book from cover to cover and I have certainly stayed up well past my bedtime doing so. It’s a compelling read and there’s a dynamic force that just drives one right through the pages.


Your book is so powerful! I found it to be accessible, straightforward and refreshingly honest.  Somehow, I found myself back in your Grade 8 and 9 History classes, in Washington, NYC and London on tour again and even walking around the school and sitting in the hall.


There are also parts of your life that you share that were either so wonderful or so devastating to read. Sharing moments like this may perhaps give strength to others who are dealing with hardships in their own lives and it is good to know that they might draw comfort from your words in some way... I think you have described your journey so eloquently and I hope that readers can take something from that.”

Johnathon Barnes